Friday, April 15, 2011

My Core'dinations Creative Frenzy

THE FIRST PROJECT: A Spring Wreath Happy Spring! I had so much fun making this wreath with Core'dinations paper. There are only a few items used for this wreath that are not cardstock. They are: the wreath form, wire, a cereal box (became the bird wings), the birdhouse base, the egg base (originally sparkly Easter ornaments), and the base for the bird. When I mention the "bases" I am referring to things that I used to create the initial shape. I treated each of them as if they were part of the Rose Bowl Parade--their surfaces are covered in cardstock! The branch was formed with paper coated wires. Then, I used small, ripped strips of Core'dinations color core in brown to roll around the wires. As I rolled, I twisted slightly, and was able to make a branch that looked entirely real. The nest was also the color core paper, but it was dampened, folded, and twisted until it held a shape something like a nest. I used Art Glitter Dries Clear glue on the eggs to hold it in place. I then used a craft knife to cut slices out of the nest and twisted, ripped and folded the pieces until it looked the way I wanted. This project was just so much fun because of all the detailed items. The flowers and leaves were all cut on the Silhouette Machine from designs that I purchased in their store. They were cut on the color core papers, including the White Wash Collection. It is one of my favorites, because the top loots "white washed" while the cores are beautiful colors. I played with the pink and the color core pink together in some of the flowers. I was able to create the petal shape because of the way I was sanding. I used a soft sanding block and placed the petal over my finger. The finger created a "template" of sorts to sand over. It caused the Core'dinations paper to curl ever so gently and mimic the look of a real flower petal.

The birdhouse (Why can't I stop singing the "Birdhouse in my Soul" song by They Might Be Giants?) was created with various colors of blue sent through different embossing folders and sanded. The butterflies were all made using the Black Magic Collection and Dreamweaver Stencils. I ran the stencil through my Cuttlebug. Then, I sanded through the embossed image to the yellow. All I had left to do on them was stick them on with a Glue Dot. The paper was so sturdy that, even after all that sanding, it held up well.

The last image for this project is the hummingbird. I used a styrofoam bird as the base. The wings were made from a cereal box. The paper used on the hummingbird is primarily the Foundations paper by Core'dinations. I had never used it before, but found it perfect to cover this bird. It is smooth, thin and tough, so it held the wings on nicely. I used Whitewash in black under the belly to deliniate the tail feathers. I scratched the details in (showing the black) with a craft knife. I also used Gemstones in Opal and the Glitter Silk in green, red and white to enhance the bird. I was really impressed by the flexibility of the new Glitter Silk, as I had to bend it into unusual shapes to make it fit over the 3D bird correctly.

THE SECOND PROJECT: A two page layout

This is a layout about my trip with my aunt and cousins to The Henry Ford Museum. I used a Graphic 45 Collection and Core'dinations Core Impressions to create this layout. I really loved those pre-embossed papers in the watch and fancy background imagery. I went for an overall distressed look, so in addition to sanding these papers, I also inked them. I especially liked inking the tan layer, because it added such an extra depth to the image. After distressing it with Walnut Stain ink, I went back in and selectively sanded some of the design. The journalling spot was made with a Tim Holtz embossing folder and the White Wash paper. I also used White Wash alternatively with Black Magic for the mats. I especially loved using the coordinating cores with these two very different collections. For all the mats, I cut them, crinkled them up, opend them, ripped the edges, sanded them, and then ironed them. I love their look.

THE THIRD PROJECT: An all occasion card

Here is the Dreamweaver Card that I promised yesterday. This was really easy to create. First, I used my Cuttlebug to use the wave stencil to emboss Core'dinations color core in blue. Then, I did the same with the Koi stencil on orange. I distressed the fish with Rusty Hinge before sanding them. Then, I mounted them on Black Glitter Silk and cut around the fish. I used a craft knife to cut out the eyes, so that the Glitter Silk could show through. I sanded the backgound and mounted everything, including an organza ribbon. The white background is also Glitter Silk and the far background is Color Core used as regular cardstock (yet another use for it).

Well, I hope everyone has enjoyed my Core'dinations explorations as much as I have. I have been in love with this cardstock, which began my desire to distress, ever since it came out.


  1. AMAZING... Great job girl! love what you have done with the projects... WOW

  2. WowZERS!!! Those projects are just Spectacular!

  3. Love the wreath, Laura, and how you've worked your magic with the Core'dinations paper. I'm a big fan of the paper, too, but your project knocks it out of the park.

  4. Woweee Laura! These are FAB---uuu-LUS paper creations! Love every one of them. So much to see...

  5. That wreath is wonderful. Looks like you had fun creating it as well! Love the sanded fish card, too.

  6. The Spring wreath is a bit over-the-top! Lots of techniques in there, but it is those Koi that really grabbed my attention! Wonderful job and good luck!