Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dreamweaver Design Team!

I am so excited! I found out today, that I have a place on the brand new Dreamweaver Design Team for 2010-2011! Anyone who goes to Scrap Tales, knows that I absolutely LOVE these stencils. I think the designs are so strong and versatile, and now I get to prove it! I don't think that they would mind if I post a couple of pictures of my entries. (Although I do have to warn everyone that I was in a hurry, so the picture did not turn out as well as I like.) I'll post another entry in a few days.

The first is a mirror that was from IKEA and done in many different techniques. I used stencils to paint the clouds, trees, and water. I used the green paste on the foreground trees. Then, I stenciled the geese with the original paste and painted over it with inks once it was dry. The Bear and the moose were pasted with the Glossy Black and flocked. The mooses horns were pasted over with crackle and painted. The bear got American Crafts Opaque embossing powder pasted on the snout and ears and heated. Finally, the rock was pasted with glossy black and then the crackle with just the spatula.


  1. Congratulations Laura! You ARE the best of the best!!! Woo hoo!!!!!!!!!

  2. The frame that you created is very cool!Looking forward to working with you on the DW team!