Sunday, April 11, 2010

Queen Bee Shirt

I made this shirt for a store sample for Scrap Tales. It was inspired by a comment from the store owner, Lisa, who said that she wanted a shirt that said Queen Bee. Then, I remembered this cool bee pattern I had seen on the Silhouette website. I was thinking that it would be perfect for my aunt, Virginia, whose husband keeps bees. So, I downloaded the 99 cent bee pattern and large honeycomb pattern. I used the flat T Shirt transfer material for the honeycomb pattern and the flocked T Shirt material for the bee. Then, I added the word Queen with the Silhouette rhinestone patterns. (The letters are from the beginner kit.) The final touch was the Art Glitter in the color Polar Bear, adhered with the Art Glitter Fabric Glue.

So, now people are suggesting that I run a class in it. I will, but I feel a little guilty, because it was so easy to do.


  1. This is really cute! I agree, you should go with a class on it!