Thursday, April 22, 2010

I decided to run a class based on a neat little book that I made at the Creative Imaginations party while at CHA. Unfortunately, the store was out of all the CI music paper that was used, so I had to try something else. I wound up using this ridiculously cute Bo Bunny line. Linda told me that it was called a "Flag Book". It was pretty easy to do, once I wrapped my head around it.

First, you decide the size you want the book to be overall. Then choose the top flag size and the bottom flag size. Make an accordian fold binder. Then you put all the top flags on one side of the accordian V (I chose facing away from me), and the bottom in the other direction (obviously facing towards me). You wind up seeing the entire piece of the top flag and part is hidden behind the V on the bottom flag. Then, you decorate. If you have done it right, when you open the cover, some of the flags face you and some face away from you. It stands upright (think desk or mantle), quite nicely. I hope the pictures can shed some light on this.

Special thanks to my good friend, Christa, who unknowingly allowed me to include photos of her and her family on my blog.

At any rate, I am running a class on this at Scrap Tales, if you are in the area.

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  1. That will be a fun class!

    Miss you.