Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bonus Hop Post

Let me start by saying, this is NOT the post to reply to if you are looking for blog candy. If that is your reason to comment, scroll down two posts until you see the hair clips with my cute niece models. Post on THAT one for blog candy.
This is a bonus post for a couple of reasons. First, I just COULDN'T stop making the cute metal butterflies. Second, the photos just would not post to the right spot when I was posting the hair clip post. Finally, I entered a Reminisce contest (using a Dreamweaver stencil, mind you) with a blog post and then I realized that it knocked my hop post down a post. It occured to me that perhaps it wasn't the best week to move my non-card metal post down one, so I thought maybe I should make a post out of my bonus metal piece. It is a pin.

I made this piece in much the same way that I made the hair clips. I started with blue coated aluminum. I placed it over the Dreamweaver Scallop Butterfly Stencil LM 255. I used a large blending stump (an art supply material) and ran it over the top of the stencil to get a rough idea of where everything was. Then, I used the Mercart Metal teflon tool (also available from Dreamweaver Stencils) to push the metal deep into all of the crevices in the stencil. I used a sanding block while the stencil was still under the metal to sand off the blue from the raised areas. I removed the metal from the stencil. I attached the backing aluminum to a piece of chipboard. I then measured and marked hole spots from a purchased pin back. I used my Big Bite to make the appropriate holes. I then used brads to attach the pin back. I adhered the metal butterfly to the pin and trimmed around it. Finally, I used Ranger Glossy accents in the holes that I wanted to add glitter. I threw Woodware glitter in the areas. After it dried a little, I covered some of the glitter with a top coat of Glossy Accents. Then, I let it dry completely.

Once again, this piece is NOT part of the hop. That blog post is two down and includes girl models. If you would like to comment anyway, fantastic--I love comments! You won't win blog candy for it, but you would make me feel good. Stop by again on Thursday for more ways to win and more posts for the hop. See you then. Oh yeah--I love to get followers, too!

Reminisce Card Challenge

I had a little fun this week entering the Reminisce Card Challenge. The sketch is here
And my take, horizontal, and with the beautiful Harvest line by Reminisce is here:

For my Dreamweaver Stencils fans, you will notice that the Sentiment is LM 251. It was pasted with Matte Orange Embossing Paste. The other thing that I had tons of fun with was the turkey image. I cut three of them out of the paper. Then, I layered pieces with 3D Dots in between the layers. I occasionally added a little bit of regular adhesive to parts (like the head) and squeezed it down to the previous layer, so that I had a couple of different layers. I also used the top portions of the papers to make the smaller stripes. This is something that I really appreciate about the recent Reminisce papers--the part that holds the scan bars on one side has patterned bits on the other so that it is still useful paper.

I hope you enjoyed this cute, fast card. I will have lots more Dreamweaver goodies when I hop again on Thursday, but for now, think about cool crisp weather and changing leaves......

Sunday, August 28, 2011

BLOG HOP--Butterflies in your hair!

Welcome to day one in the Dreamweaver/Woodware Blog Hop. I was so excited that I wanted to sign up on today, the very first day. A special shout out to everyone that I may have met while at the Stitches show in Birmingham last February. You were all so wonderful to me, and I had the best time in your country! I hope to visit again some day.
As you know by now, this hop is going to feature NON card projects. For the first of my hop posts (I signed up for Thursday, too, because I just can't pass on my habit of posting on Dream Scheme Thursdays) I have decided to make hair jewelry out of Dreamweaver Stencils and metals.The first two pieces that I am going to post are both hair clips. All of the "findings" that I will be mentioning (the actual clips and pins that I used) were purchased without anything on them from a local craft store. The tool that I used was a double sided teflon tool from Mercart Metals that is available in a kit from Dreamweaver Stencils as well.
For this blue butterfly, I used aluminum that was coated with a blue coating. I placed the blue aluminum on top of Dreamweaver LM 255 Scallop Butterfly stencil. Working on an acrylic block, I used a very large blending stump (used in fine art drawing) to gently rub across the entire stencil. This caused the edges of the stencil to show up. I then used the teflon tool to press the metal down into all of the openings on the stencil. Then, with the stencil still attached, I rubbed the top with a sanding block, removing the blue color. Then, I took the metal from the stencil. I adhered it to chipboard, and the back of the chipboard to plain aluminum. I trimmed around the butterfly with a pair of sharp, fine tipped scissors. I adhered the premade hair clip to the butterfly with glue dots and I was done. My niece, Victoria is posing here so that you can see how it looks when it is worn.
My next piece was made very much the same way, with a couple of small exceptions. Here it is modelled by another niece, Evelyn. This was made with pink coated metal on stencil LM 257 Heliconia Butterfly. Everything was done the same way on this one except for the addition of the glitter. This was done after the entire piece was assembled. I filled the areas that I wanted glitter in with Ranger Glossy Accents. Then, I added Woodware Glitter in a magenta color. I really liked using this glitter. In addition to being a high quality, fine glitter, it comes with a great dispenser. It has a small opening on the top and you can squeeze the container to get out the amount that you want. There is a little less mess and waste this way.
My final piece for this post was done in a slightly different way. I used a new stencil, LJ 916 Butterfly. This stencil is unique because, instead of being on a square, it is the actual shape of the butterfly. I was able to work around the edges as well. I used a black coated aluminum. Instead of sanding off the top, I used rubbing alcohol in the shapes. For my UK friends, rubbing alcohol is actually called isopropyl alcohol and is sold as a cleaning supply for electronics. I just put a little on a cotton swab, and used it to clean out those holes. Then, I used the Glossy Accents and Woodware Glitter to create the glittering colors. This one was actually a large hair clip, and I attached it by using brads in the hole on both sides. I put them through the backing and the chipboard that was on the bottom layer. I used a second piece of chipboard under the butterfly. You can see it worn by yet another niece, Natalie.
So, now you have seen my first Blog Hop Posting. You should definitely leave a comment, then proceed to my very talented Dream Team Sister, Pam's blog. You can find it here. Have a wonderful week. Don't forget to stop by again on Thursday. (Stop by every Thursday for plenty of additional Dreamweaver ideas!). Also, I love followers!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Thursday Dream Schemes--Free Week

First off, let me tell you what is happening next week. The Dreamweaver Team is going to be blog hopping with the folks from Woodware UK. Yep, that's right. It is the WONDERFUL people that I worked with when I went to the UK for Lynell. I am so excited that I signed up for at least two days. I believe that I am first hopping on Monday or Tuesday, so stop by early next week and get in on this. This, by the way, is a NON CARD blog hop! I have a couple of cute things in store.

Anyway, on to this week. I am particularly proud of this one. I like to think of it as four ways to use a metallic effect. Here it is:

So, on to why I think of this one as metallic four ways:

1) The sentiment is done with metallic gold embossing paste. It tells a tale on me--I don't always use tape all the way around. That was the case with this one, stencil LM 146 Thinking of you. You can see the paste that went over the edge of the stencil on the top and the bottom. Usually, I trim this off and no one is the wiser. I liked the little borders in this case, so I left them on.

2) The metal on the background was run through the Cuttlebug with a rubber mat and stencil LJ 901 Mosaic Swirls. Then, it was colored using alcohol inks and sanded to enhance the detail.

3) The dragonfly (stencil LM 193) and wings were both pasted with glossy green embossing paste. The body of the dragonfly was made by sprinkling Metallic FX in Kiwi, Ivy and Goldfinch on the paste while it was still wet. After it all dried, I brushed off the excess and then used a Swiffer cloth to get it really clean.

4) After all the green paste was dry, I covered the wings with glue and let it dry until it was tacky, but not completely dry. Then, I used Green Leaf over it. I noticed that the glue did not seem dry enough (but, of course, only AFTER I laid the gold leaf over it). At this point, I dried it with my heat gun. As the glue under the foil dried, it bubbled, raising the foil. When I pulled the heat gun away, it fell into a bit of a wrinkly heap. This was wonderful, and created a slightly reticulated look. It seemed to me to appear more "insecty" and was a true happy accident.

Now that you have seen what I had to show you, go around to the other Dreamweaver blogs and check them all out. Then, post something of your own. With no regular challenge this week, it should be easy to do. Link it to the Dreamweaver Blog, leave a comment for us, have fun, and just participate. Be sure to check back next week for a wonderful, non-card hop!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thursday Dream Schemes--Red, Ivory and Kraft

This week's challenge is red, ivory and kraft. When I looked through my work, I found one that was very close--red, ivory and brown. I decided to remake it, with only a slight change in products and colors. Here it is--red, ivory and kraft two ways. Both cards use stencil LJ906. The top card, which is the newer one, also uses the new LS1008. It is a Chinese character for the word Hope.
The two different cards both used Red Glossy Paste. It was applied the same way, but the technique varied after the application. The top card had Art Glitter in Ultrafine Red Velvet, Christmas Red and Chunky Holographic Red Rocket thrown on the wet paste and brushed off when the paste was dry. On the bottom card, I used the Metallic FX in Cocoa, Amber Glow and Kimono Red. It was also brushed off when dry, but then I used a Swiffer to remove all the excess.You might be able to see on this bottom card, but on both I scraped off the covering to expose the beautiful Red Glossy Paste underneath. See how the edges on this one appear drawn on? In real life, it is bright red on those edges. I did the same on parts of the top one, but being that that has red glitter on it, it shows up a little less bright.
These cards were actually very simple. Not much to do beyond the pasting and assembly. I hope you like them. Check out the rest of the team's reaction to this colorway. Leave a comment. If you want to try it, link yours to the Dreamweaver Stencils blog. Come play with us!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dreamweaver Free Week--A Masculine Confirmation Card

I have to admit, I know that my projects are generally of the "not for the faint of heart" variety. I just like to push the products and techniques a little further than I think they would go. I assure you, however, that this week's project is EASY. I promise.
When Lynell asked me to use the Gothic Cross LG 694, I thought about how my nephew is having his Confirmation this October. This cross isn't particularly masculine, but I knew that with the right color combination I could make it appropriate for a teenage boy. I also chose to use the recently discontinued Bless You (which your LSS can still get if you want it) and the brand new Herringbone Pattern Stencil LJ 914.
Okay, here are those easy directions:

1) Use Core'dinations dark blue with a blue core through your die cut machine with the Herringbone LJ 914 stencil. Be sure to spray the back of the paper with rubbing alcohol before running it through. Sand the result--making it look a little like fabric.

2) Place a light gold coated aluminum on the back of the Bless You stencil. Using the Mercart teflon point tool to lightly push in the metal from the back of the stencil. Push all around the edges of the words.

3) Remove the stencil and flip the metal. Clean up your edges by rubbing the Mercart teflon deer foot tool (opposite side of the other tool) up against the edges of the words.

4) Flip the metal back over and place it on a piece of suede. You are working on the back side. Use the Mercart ball tool to push out the letters. Also, while on the suede, roll over the edges of the metal with a Mercart texture wheel. Flip it back and clean up with the deer foot tool on a hard surface. Fill in the back of the metal with Mercart Filler. Let dry.

5) To Deboss the cross, use a darker gold covered aluminum. Place it on top of a face up stencil LG 694. Using the fine end of the teflon tool, press into all the lines. Sand to get a silver cross. Cut out

6) Assemble the card.

See, simple, right? If you haven't tried the metals, I do have one warning: they are SUPER addictive. If your local store doesn't carry them and is concerned about minimums with a new company, let them know that they can order them directly from Dreamweaver with their next stencil order. If they are still reluctant, you can order these tools and metals yourself from the Mercart website. All the tools I used here are in the basic kit. I have news though, about that addiction. I am absolutely planning on ordering more tools and metals myself. I have Christmas projects in mind....
That said, thanks for stopping by. Check out the rest of the Dream Team Blogs. Leave a comment. Link a project of yours to the Dreamweaver Stencils Blog--we would love to see it.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dream Scheme Sketch

This week, I had some trouble uploading the sketch at a reasonable size. It is probably just as well, though, as I really didn't follow it exactly. I kept the circle in the center, but removed the small circular sentiment from the lower right hand corner.
When Lynell sent this stencil, I have to admit that I was thrilled. I have collected cameos for many years, and am excited to imagine the many ways that I can use this gorgeous stencil. For this first use, my real cameo collection influenced the colors. My favorite cameos are either brown or pink, so those are the first colors that I thought of for this. It was such an easy card!
First, I pasted the cameo stencil with white glossy paste on textured brown cardstock.
Then, I soaped the back of the houndstooth stencil and affixed it to the Double Sided Adhesive Paper. I used brown flock first. The secret is to use alot of Fun Flock at once and push it down hard onto the adhesive. I brushed the excess off with a large stencil brush. I carefully peeled the adhesive paper off of the stencil. Then, I used alot of the pink Fun Flock and pressed that in hard as well. I brushed off all the excess, peeled off the backing and mounted it onto the dark brown cardstock. After that, it was really simple. Just assembly.
So, if you want to see the sketch, or get inspired by more stencil art today, just take a little peek at the other Dream Teamers this week. Don't forget to leave comments! We all like comments. Then, you should make a little something (it doesn't have to be a card) and link it to the Dreamweaver Stencil blog.