Thursday, March 29, 2012

Clean and Simple Easter

I must appear to REALLY love Easter with all the eggs I have been posting lately.  I don't know what it is, exactly, but here is another.  This time it is for the Dreamweaver Clean and Simple Challenge.  Which you can still enter. Just put together a clean and simple project.  Then, put it somewhere online and link it to the Dream It Up! Blog.  You could win some beautiful stencils.
Anyway, here is how I accomplished this simple egg card:
1) Run the Plaid Stencil LX 7002 through the manual die cutting machine (I used my Cuttlebug) with white cardstock sprayed lightly with rubbing alcohol.
2) Run the Damask Stencil LJ 907 through the machine with aluminum.  (I used the back of one of the color coated aluminums).
3) Place the aluminum face up on your craft sheet and "drip" drops of alcohol ink on the metal.  Keep some of the colors a little seperate, but occasionally put them close enough to overlap.  You can also encourage the blending of the colors with a small paintbrush.  Let dry.
4) Place Egg Stencil LG 670 over the aluminum.  When you have it positioned to your liking, use a small piece of removable tape to tape it to the stencil. 
5) Flip the stencil and metal over.  Use a stylus to run around the edge of the stencil and make an indent.  Remove metal from stencil.
6) Trim around the embossed egg with a pair of scissors.
7) Lightly sand to reveal the damask pattern and mount.
That's it.  Simple, right?
Check out the other team member projects and get inspired!  Then, make and enter your own clean and simple card for the chance to win great prizes!  What is the challenge for next week?  Come back and check it out.   I will see you then.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Art Glitter Design Team Audition

A Glittering Little Mermaid Egg--Closed and Open
Here is my Art Glitter Design Team Audition.  I have been a guest designer for them before, and am really excited that they have decided to create a new design team.  Those who know me well understand that I just can't stay away from the glitter.  (Neither can my table, sofa or dog, apparently!!)
So, here is what I did, in as simple of terms as I can manage:

This is what I started with
1) Decide on location and sketch out door frame on paper maiche egg.  I used Dreamweaver Stencils Egg LG 670 to trace the door frame.
2)  Sketch out about a 1/4" outline both inside and outside door frame.  Do not remove any material from this area.
3) Determine where your 3D objects will go on egg and trace them.
4) Sketch design that you want to use on egg.  Make sure that some parts that you are keeping touch the outside of the 3D objects that you sketched.
5) Using a craft knife, cut out the insides of the "lace" on the design. Cut out the door.
6) Spray paint the egg, door, and 3D objects in a matte white.  To turn this white, it might take a few coats.  Let dry.
7) Use glue spray to spray the entire egg and door.  Then, dip in Art Glitter Ultrafine Crystal #85.  Let dry.
8) Pour some Designer Dries Clear glue on your craft sheet (you don't need much).  Get a small container of water and a small brush and "paint" the glue on your Ariel figure's flesh.
9) Cover the flesh with Art Glitter Microfine Transparent #717 Poupon.  This color won't wash out the skin tones.
10) Repeat step 8 and 9 for the dress in Crystal #85 and selected sections of the hair with Microfine Opaque #500 Ruby Red.
11) Use Designer Dries Clear Glue with the microfine tip on the end to place a fine bead of glue around the top of the dress, waist, wrist, and a small dot on both ears.
12) Use Art Glitter Pearlies to add jewelry.

13) Use the previously mentioned "painting" technique to add glitter to the 3D characters:  Ultrafine Opaque Hologram #336 Alien to the Sea Stars, Ultrafine Opaque Hologran #338 King's Cup to the Seahorses, Microfine Opaque #508 Silver Moon to the Dolphins, Vintage Glass Glitter # 912 Sunstone to the lobster and Vintage Glass Glitter #906 Carnelian to the crab.

 14) Place transparent green ribbon on the craft sheet. 
15)  Using Designer Dries Clear Fabric, water and a brush, cover the green ribbon with a light coat of glue.
16)  Cover the ribbon with Ultrafine Transparent Green Briar.  Let dry.
17) Using the Designer Dries Clear and the "painting" method, paint glue on the waves that you carved in small sections.
18)  Cover glue in Ultrafine Transparent #270 Chesapeake.
19)  Using Dries Clear and the fine tip, go over the wave sections to bring out areas that need refining.
20)  Cover with Ultrafine Opaque #30 Royale.
21)  Glue 3D objects into place with Dries Clear.
22)  Glue Ariel into shells and shells into place with Glue Dots.
23)  Create small wire ring for between the dolphin fins.
24)  Glue tips of noses, ring, and dolphin fins together with Glue Dots.
25)  Place hinge and mark holes.
26)  Cut out hinge holess with craft knife.
27)  Place hinge again and put brads through holes.
28)  Place egg on top of base (cheap bracelet).
29)  Glue dolphins, crab and lobster into place with a combination of Glue Dots and Designer Dries Clear.

YOU ARE DONE!  Yay!  And now you have a beautiful decorative, and (most importantly) glittering project!

Wish me luck with Art Glitter.  Here is a parting look at the other 3 sides: 
Thanks for looking, and see you again soon!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dreamweaver and Twisted Sketches

Okay, so I don't know if this one qualifies as CAS, but I thought it was pretty simple (at least the Dreamweaver Stencils part).  I am super excited, because this is also my first post for my new design team position with Twisted Sketches.  (It is where the new blinkie leads, even if the blinkie itself doesn't seem to be scrolling correctly.)  Anyway, every week they post a sketch with a "twist" (this week's twist is Wish), and every two weeks I am responsible for a layout. 
This layout is about the "Wishes" fireworks show at Walt Disney World.  It is my absolute favorite fireworks show.  It has a storyline and a song which includes the lyrics "All your wishes will come true" and that line of the song kept running through my mind when I saw the twist. 
I followed the sketch pretty well.  It can be found here.  The stitching is from the Bazzill in Stitch'z template and the letters are Espresso (large) and Phoebe (small) from Lifestyle Crafts. 
Now for the exciting part--the handmade fireworks embellishments.  I used the Dreamweaver Stencil Fireworks LJ 886, Mercart metal in red and blue coated aluminum, the Mercart Teflon Tool, a sanding block, double sided adhesive paper, a pair of scissors and a blending stump (a cheap drawing tool).  Here are the simple steps:
1) Place color coated aluminum on top of the firework that you wish to create.
2) Gently rub the metal with the blending stump until you can see the edges of the firework.
3) Using the fine point of the teflon tool, you need to define the edges and "color" in the fireworks.
4) While the metal is still on the stencil, sand over the top to remove the color.
5) Remove the metal from the stencil.
6) Put the metal on one side of the double sided adhesive paper.
7) Trim around the outside of the firework embellishment.
8) Peel the backing off of the firework and attach--you are done!
So, that was simple enough, wasn't it?  If you have done something Clean and Simple with Dreamweaver Stencils or products, link it up to the Dreamweaver Stencils Blog for the chance to win some beautiful stencils.  In the meanwhile, go check out the posts of the rest of the team.  Get inspired, and create something beautiful!  I will see you next week!  Until then--may all your wishes come true...

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Connie Crystal Design Team 2012 Audition

This is how it starts

 Here is my Connie Crystal Design Team Audition

 1)  Buy tinsel egg
 2) Cut the wire on the tinsel egg and remove the tinsel, exposing the frame
 3) Spray paint the frame silver.  I used Krylon Chrome Indoor/Outdoor
 4) Using glass paint, paint an image on Connie Crystal.  I used Delta
 5) Using 20 gauge wire and jump rings, string a few crystals
 6) Hang crystals from center of frame
 7) Using the 20 gauge wire, make large "S" shaped hooks
 8) Hang Connie Crystals from frame.  On the bottom and top, I used light blue crystals.  The second layer down was drops with a pearl.  The middle three sections were squares.  I left one center section free of the squares out of every three, so that my center piece would show.

Spray painted frame

 9) Wrap the posts that have nodules with alternating blue and white ribbon.  Leave PLENTY of extra ribbon at the top of the egg.
10)  Use a "Pandora Style" Connie Crystal to make the bottom of a ribbon flower.  Get a large tapestry needle to thread with ribbon and pull each of the 8 ribbons through the crystal.  Then, rethread a ribbon.  Hold a loop out of the crystal, and pull the ribbon back down through it.  Do this with each of the ribbons, the trim.
11)  Use the extra ribbon from the top to wrap aroun the bottom section of the egg and make bows

Finished Piece

Crystal Ribbon Flower

For the Box:  1) Select paper maiche box.  Spray paint silver
                     2) Place Connie Crystals on box lid.  Arrange and trace.
                     3) Cut out holes with a craft knife and set crystals in place
                     4) Secure crystals with Ranger Foil Tape
                     5)  Cover with Dreamweaver Embossing Paste, wipe crystals clean with a damp cloth.  Wait until paste is dry before proceeding.
                     6)  Paint paste with black acrylic paint.  Wait until dry.
                     7) Paint over the black with silver paint.  Don't be too careful, as you want it distressed looking.
                     8)  Scrape and remove parts and push into paste to distress.
                     9)  Clean off crystals with a damp cotton swab.

All taped up and ready to paste

Paste--looks like frosting!

Done with the paste

Finished side

All Done!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Clean and Simple Again

This month, the challenge at Dreamweaver Stencils is "Clean and Simple".  While not entirely my style, I am appreciating the "stretch" that this month is causing me.  Here is another "Clean and Simple" card.  This one is being done in an upcoming class, and is therefore VERY simple.  In fact, when I actually use this card, I am planning on stamping or pasting a sentiment to add to it.  Perhaps "Happy Birthday" or "Happy Father's Day".....
Anyway, here are the simple steps:
1) Using the LG 735 Necktie Stencil, run a piece of white cardstock through your manual die cutting machine.  You can use a Revolution, a Sizzix or a Vagabond, but I used my trusty Cuttlebug.  I layered it this way:  Plate B, Plate A, stencil face down, cardstock (lightly sprayed on the back with rubbing alcohol), Details Embossing Mat, and Plate B.  You should try for an unwarped B plate here, because a warped one could damage the stencil.
2)  Using the same configuration, run the Plaid Stencil LX 7002 through your machine with red coated aluminum.  I used the Mercart Aluminum.
3) Sand the aluminum with an ordinary sanding block.  This will reveal the silver stripes.  Wipe off the "dust".
4) Run the aluminum through the die cut machine with no stencil.  This will flatten your aluminum.
5) Place the Necktie Stencil on top of the aluminum and determine where you want the stripes.  Then, flip the whole thing over and gently rub with a drawing stump to determine where the edges are.  Use a tool with a dull point all around the edges.  I used the Mercart Teflon Tool. You can also see that I did this step twice, once for each section of the tie, so that I could get the stripes going in two different directions.
6) Remove the stencil and use an ordinary pair of sharp scissors to cut slightly outside of the edge line that you drew.
7) Glue to the appropriate embossed sections of the card.  I used the Art Glitter Designer Dries Clear Glue, which I consider one of the finest glues around.  The only caution is that less is usually more with this glue, so don't use too much.

Speaking of less being more (something you don't hear from me often), my Clean and Simple card is done.  Now it is your turn.  Check out the rest of the blogs, get inspired and make something simple with Dreamweaver Stencils.  Put it anywhere on the web, and link it using the Mr. Linky on the Dream It Up Blog.  Then you can win great stencils!  Or you can email a photo of your creation to Lynell through the Dream It Up Blog and be a featured guest AND be eligible to win!  How's that?  Fantastic, I would say!  See you next week, with something else that is simple (maybe....)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My First Wordless Wednesday--Frontierland

Regular readers, do not fear.  I haven't lost my voice.  I have only decided to play along with Focused on the Magic's Wordless Wednesday.  They post their Disney photos once a week and, since many of you know I am a Disney Geek, here is my contribution.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Another Clean and Simple Card

You may not have thought that I could do it. I know I didn't think so--but here it is, another clean and simple card. I am posting it to follow the Dreamweaver Challenge for March--"Spring Clean and Simple". It was very simple. I used two stencils: one of my favorite new ones, LL 3023 Tall Poppy, and LS 1009 Thank You. They were both created with an easy version of one of my favorite techniques, Double Glitter. I just wish that you could see how beautiful this copper glitter is in person. Anyway, here are the steps for each stencil:
1) Apply a soft soap to the back of the stencil, to create a release for the adhesive paper. A simple dulling of the stencil's shine will do. I used the Handmade Hawaiian Soap that is from Dreamweaver, and it makes this step very simple because once the stencils have a more matte appearance you are done. You don't have to worry about how much water to add, because you don't need any.
2) Use a large stencil brush to brush off the small "crumblies" that are on all the corners of the stencil. They will make it difficult for the glitter to stick, so make sure that you really brush them off well.
3) Peel off the protective paper from one side of the Double Sided Adhesive Paper and place the stencil, soap side down, on top of the exposed adhesive.
4) Pour the main color of glitter over the stencil. Rub in a little with your finger. I used the absolutely gorgeous Opaque Ultrafine Art Glitter color 62 Copper Canyon.
5) Use a large soft stencil brush and brush off the excess glitter. Give it a really good brushing, then brush it again. Make sure that there is no extra copper glitter.
6) Place the whole thing face down on a flat surface. Carefully peel the adhesive paper from the stencil, while "walking" your fingers along the stencil to keep it flat.
7) Pour the background color over the entire front of the Double Sided Adhesive Paper. I used Transparent Ultrafine Art Glitter in number 85 Crystal. I find it to be the easiest thing to use on a background.
8) Brush off any excess glitter. You can remove the other side of the protective paper to expose the adhesive and adhere the project to your cardstock. I used the Wausau shimmery cardstock in a complementary copper color for the mats. I then used an older piece of Basic Grey paper for the turquoise color.
You are done. Another simple one. I hope you are inspired by the simple cards you see on my blog and the other team member blogs today. If you are, make one of your own. Take a picture and upload it to anywhere on the internet, even Flickr. Then, link it to the Mr. Linky on the bottom of the Dreamweaver Stencils Blog. You could win wonderful prizes! Just remember, the theme is "Spring Clean and Simple" and go for it. You have nothing to lose!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Spring Clean and Simple Month

Well, here we are in a month dedicated to "Spring Clean and Simple". Although this challenge is often difficult for me--face it, I am not known for simple work--it should be a great opportunity for you. All you have to do is make a card that is clean and simple, or perhaps just springy, put it online and link it to the Mr. Linky on the Dreamweaver Stencils Blog. You could win great prizes from Dreamweaver Stencils. Just remember, the theme is "Spring Clean and Simple".
Here, I used both Spring and Clean and Simple. The Spring stencil that is used is actually the slightly larger, retired version of Spring LM 293. The gorgeous butterfly is Butterfly LJ 916. I used a Cuttlebug to create these parts, but any hand die cut machine would work. They were both done in an almost identical way, but with a slightly different placement of the black coated aluminum. Here are the steps:
1) Place your Spring stencil face up on your base. Put the black coated aluminum on top with the black side facing up. Tape down with a very small piece of removable tape. Place your Details Embossing mat on top. Cover with your top mat and send through the machine. Leave the metal on the stencil.
2) Decide on the placement of your butterfly on the metal. Place the butterfly face down on the base of the machine. Put your metal black side down on the butterfly. Tape it down with just a little removable tape. Cover with the Details mat and your regular mat. Send through the machine. Leave the metal on the stencil.
3) With both of the pieces, you can create sharper details by using a Mercart Metal Teflon tool and pressing the metal down and into the stencil where applicable.
4) Remove the butterfly from the stencil and sand to reveal the silver.
5) Leave the Spring word on the stencil and sand to reveal the silver. Then, remove the stencil.
6) Assemble.
See? Clean and simple. I think it may have taken me longer to type all of this than to do it. Hopefully, you will give it a try. Check out the other posts this week and get inspired to do something Clean and Simple yourself. Then, don't forget to link it and win. I will try hard to make something else simple, and I will see you next week.....