Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Fun Holiday Ornament

For the month of November, the Dreamweaver Stencil Design Team is featuring Beacon Adhesives. They have an amazing line of products which you can find HERE.
Our challenge this month is Holiday Celebrations...with an emphasis on home decor and gift projects. Here's what I've come up with:
 This project is so simple that you can create many ornaments in different colors and designs.  Here are the instructions:

Dreamweaver Stencil Gothic Snowflake LL 396.  (Any LL stencil would work, though)
Stamping Details Rubber Embossing Mat
Mercart Metal Medium Blue Coated Aluminum (You can choose any color)
Beacon 3-IN-1 Adhesive
Beacon Gem-Tac Adhesive
Manual Die Cut Machine
Sandpaper or Sanding Block
Chipboard (2 pieces, each 3" x 3")
Big Bite
2 Eyelets
3 Oval Jump Rings
Oval Connie Crystal
One Round Jump Ring
1" of Chain
Large Round Ring
May Arts Ribbon


1)  Run the Dreamweaver Stencil and Mercart metal through manual die cut machine.  You will need the embossing mat.  Place the stencil face down, the metal colored side down on top of it and the embossing mat over that.  For the Cuttlebug, the sandwich is A Plate, stencil, metal, embossing mat and 2 B Plates.  Do this twice.

2) Lightly sand the embossed metal on both pieces.

 3)  Put 3-IN-1 Adhesive on one side of one of the 3" x 3" chipboard squares.

 4)  Rub the other square over the top and to smear the glue.

 5)  Place the glue side of the chipboard squares on the back of the metal pieces, centering them within the embossed squares.

6)  Lightly sand the embossed edges.

 7)  Trim close to the embossed edges with a pair of scissors.

8)  Glue the back of one piece of chipboard and attach to the other.

9)  Push the edges of the metal down over the exposed edges of the chipboard.

10)  Use the Big Bite to set the eyelets in two opposite corners of the square.

11)  Attach the crystal on one side with two oval jump rings and one round one.

12)  Attach the large ring on the other side with one oval jump ring and the chain.

13)  Use Gem-Tac to securely attach the rhinestones.  Rhinestones will attach without it, but are unlikely to stick to the metal for any length of time.  With Gem-Tac, they will stay in place.

 14)  Use a dot of 3-IN-1 on the opening of the oval jump rings to keep the edges from separating.

 15)  Attach the beautiful May Arts Ribbon to the oval jump ring.

This is what it looks like finished.

Now that you have seen what I have to offer, check out the projects by the rest of the team members, and our special November guest designer, my good friend Linda Neff.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Dreamweaver Stencils and Ranger Distress Ink Blog Hop!

Ready to be festively distressed once again? The Dream Team have been playing with Ranger's Distress Paints, and are ready to inspire you to be distressed as well...paint distressed that is! Dreamweaver Stencils are the perfect choice to mix with all things festively distressed, as nothing shows off color and texture better than great designs. By following our hop and leaving love along the way, you have the opportunity to win a great prize package including five Ranger Distress Paints and five Dreamweaver Stencils! Here's the lineup for today, including our November Guest Designer:

This is also our first posting day featuring our new monthly challenge, "Holiday Celebrations", and for the entire month we will be demonstrating ways to use Beacon Adhesives' entire line of products with Dreamweaver to create special projects in home decor and gifts of love. Here's mine:

 For this project, I first coated the small chest with Tarnished Brass Distress Paint.  I used the dabber end and a paint brush that I dipped in the container.  When it was dry, I dabbed it lightly with Adirondack Metallic Paint in Gold.  The next layer was in Victorian Velvet Distress Paint.  I smeared a little on my craft sheet and picked it up with a stencil brush.  I brushed it through Dreamweaver Stencils LJ 896 and LM 288 to create the light pink swirls.

 The Fleur De Lis was created the same way with Seedless Preserves Distress Paint through the LS 66 Dreamweaver Stencil.
 The top of the box was created with the Large Fleur De Lis Stencil LL 447.  I ran it through my Cuttlebug with yellow coated Mercart aluminum and the Rubber Embossing Mat.  I then enhanced the embossing depth with Mercart Beginner Kit Tools.  When it was the way I liked it, I filled the back with hardening paste and let it dry.  Then, I adhered it with Beacon 3-in-1 Advanced Craft Glue.

I used only one ply of a Paris themed beverage napkin to add details and distressing.  I ripped some of the edges against the Dreamweaver Deckle Frame Stencil LL 581 and applied it with Beacon Fast Finish Decoupage.
That was mine.  Now, don't forget to leave a comment here and at the other links that I posted about for your chance to win!