Friday, October 28, 2016

Witch Legs--Wrapped Up in Costumes

Today's project is doing double duty--both as a 31 Days of Halloween post, and my answer to the "Wrapped up in Costumes" theme for Stampendous.  I used it for the theme because it reminded me of an adorable witch costume.  

Here's how I did it:


Witch Boots Metal Stencil FMS4035
Palette Knife
Paste Spreader
Regular Embossing Paste
Embossing Powder in Violet Opaque, Clear Emerald, Clear Sparkle Lime and Silver Tinsel
Micro Glitter in Purple, Lime, and Orange
Pearl Tigerlily Glitter
Royal Purple Glass Glitter
Removable Tape
Versamarker Pen
My Colors Card Stock in Black, Harvest Orange, Grape Vine and White
Creative Impressions Ribbon 80263 3/8" Purple and Orange Gingham
White Glue
Zip Dry Glue
Manual Die Cut Machine
Embossing Heat Gun
Rubber Embossing Mat


1) The card base is 8 1/2" by 5 1/2" folded on the side.
2)  Tape the stencil onto black card stock, using a full strip of tape across the top which will be used as a hinge later.  Be sure to tape all the way around.
3)  Remove paste from the container with the palette knife and place on the bottom of the paste spreader.
4)  Place the paste spreader on the top of the stencil, with the paste facing you.
5)  Pull the spreader towards you, keeping contact with the stencil and filling in the wells with the embossing paste.
6)  Replace the excess paste into the container.
7)  Carefully remove the tape from the sides and bottom of the stencil.
8)  Using the top piece of tape as a hinge, carefully remove the stencil and let the paste dry.
9)  When the paste is dry, use the Versamarker Pen to color in one section that you want embossed.
10)  Cover with the embossing powder, flick off the excess, and heat emboss.
11)  Repeat steps 9-10 until you have colored all the sections that you want embossed.
12)  Place glue in one section at a time and cover with glitter until the while image is finished.
13)  Trim the mats.
14)  Add ribbon.
15)  Assemble the card.

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Friday, October 14, 2016

Catalog Preview--An Ornate Heart

The next Stampendous catalog is coming soon--and WOW! is it ever filled with gorgeous things!  This week, the team is featuring a preview of these products.  My card features a beautiful new heart stencil.  Here it is:

This is how it was made:


FMS4060 Ornate Heart Metal Stencil
Removable Tape
Zip Dry
Dark Mauve and White Card Stock
Patterned Paper
Creative Impressions Ribbon in ¾” Pearl Crepe
Foam Square

1)    Fold a piece of 8 ½” by 5 ½” white card stock so that the fold is on the side.
2)    Tape the Ornate Heart stencil face up on the pink card stock. Use one large piece across the top of the stencil initially.  It will be a hinge later.  Tape all the way around.
3)    Remove the embossing paste from the container with the palette knife and place on the paste spreader.
4)    Place the paste spreader on the top of the stencil and pull down towards you, filling the holes and keeping contact with the stencil at all times.
5)    Replace any extra paste into the container.
6)    Remove the tape from the bottom and sides of the stencil.
7)    Using the taped top as a hinge, carefully remove the stencil.
8)    While the paste is still wet, sprinkle with the glitter.
9)     Let the paste dry.
10)                     Brush the excess glitter off of the heart.

11)                     Assemble the card, using the foam squares to lift the heart above the background.

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Pam Bray

Thursday, October 13, 2016

A Witchy Granite Cameo Card

Once again, I am taking part in the 31 Days of Halloween Event.  I just love October!  This event celebrates Halloween the entire month.  Here is my cameo witch card. It is one of my favorites from this catalog.  I find the cameo witch stencil a particularly brilliant design move by Stampendous.

I was able to achieve the granite look with a technique that I developed for this catalog.  The embossing was actually quite easy, and the coloring with pencils can be as simple or complicated as you like.  Here is how it was done:


Framed Witch Stencil FMS4036
Mixed Media White Paper
Versafine in Smokey Gray
Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist in Boardwalk
Prismacolor Pencils in Black, Grass Green, Apple Green, Olive Green, Dark Green, Imperial Violet, Periwinkle, Steel, Cool Grey in 10%, 20%, 30%, 50%, 70% and 90%
My Colors Card Stock in Black Magic and Grapevine
Zip Dry Glue
Manual Die Cut Machine
Rubber Embossing Mat


1) The card base is 8 1/2" by 5 1/2" folded on the side.
2)  Tap the Versafine all over the back of the stencil.
3)  Spray the back of the stencil with the Glimmer Mist.
4)  While the stencil is still wet, place it face down on the bed of the die cut machine.  Cover it with the mixed media paper, the embossing mat and the cutting mat.
5)  Run the stencil through the die cut machine.  Let dry.
6)  Color the image with the Prismacolors.  Enhance the embossing by creating extra highlights and shadows with the pencil colors.
7)  Assemble the card with Zip Dry.

I hope you like this technique.  It creates not only a granite look, but also a cool aged look with different colors.
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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

A Chill in the Air with a Haunted House

Well, I don't know what it is like where you live, but here in Michigan, there really is beginning to be a "Chill in the Air", which is this week's Stampendous theme.  I have created a stamped card with a haunted house image straight out of my childhood Halloween fantasies.  It was created using the ultimate childhood art supply--a 24 pack of Crayola Crayons.
Here is how I made it:


Haunted Mansion Rubber Stamp R267
Stazon in Jet Black
White Mixed Media Paper
Crayola 24 Count Crayons--I used Indigo, White, Gray, Violet, Blue Violet, Brown, Yellow Green, Green, Red Violet and Silver
Black Deco Art Paint
Paint Brush
Paper Towels
My Colors Card Stock in Plum and Cloak Gray
Zip Dry


1) Stamp image with Stazon on multi media paper.
2)  Color with crayons.  Make sure to color very hard, filling in everything.  Use bright colors.
3)  Wrinkle the paper.
4)  Flatten the paper.
5)  Thin out the paint.
6)  Paint the image and wipe off the excess with paper towels.
7)  Let the image completely dry before assembling.

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