Thursday, March 6, 2014

Dreamweaver March Madness Challenge

MAD I tell you! We're all going MAD! That is...MAD for Dreamweaver Stencils! Welcome to our "March Madness" challenge! Anything goes, and the more outside-of-the-box, the better. This year, we're aiming to play with non-traditional challenges whenever possible. So, break out all of your I-never-quite-knew-what-to-do-with-these-products stash, look at your Dreamweaver stencils in a whole new creative light, and get crafting! Oh, and don't forget to link those creations to the linkytool on the Dream It Up! blog for one of THREE chances to win the stencil of your choice! Need some crazy ideas? Check our "A" team first, and our very special guest designer and Certified Dreamweaver teacher...

Here's my personal act of madness:

I used two different stencils to create this embellishment:  LJ844 Dragon and LJ 903 Lg Open Fan.  First, I traced the inside of the fan on Double Sided Mounting Paper.  I cut around the image and set it aside. Then, I soaped up the back of the dragon stencil using Handmade Hawaiian Coconut Soap.  I brushed off the excess soap crumbles with a large stencil brush.  I put the stencil soap side down on the fan shaped Double Sided Mounting Paper.  I used Stampee Foil on the dragon copying the colors from the dragon fan in the photo.  I pressed the foil down with my finger and ran an embossing tool around the edges.  After I had the colors the way I wanted them, poured crystal glitter over the top of the dragon.  I brushed off the excess glitter.  Placing the stencil face down on a flat surface, I carefully peeled off the paper and covered it with black glitter.
Then, it was time to soap up the back of the fan stencil.  I placed it, soap side down, on another piece of Double Sided Mounting Paper.  I positioned the dragon fan paper inside the open fan on the stencil.  I covered it with black glitter.  Then, I placed the project stencil side down on a flat surface and carefully peeled the paper off.  I covered the remaining paper with crystal glitter and cut around the shape.  Viola!  I had an embellishment.
I hope you enjoyed the project today.  I just wanted to show how you could use Dreamweaver Stencils to create a unique scrapbook page.  Don't be afraid to break away from the card and see what you can do!


  1. Beautifully done Laura! It is the perfect embellishment for the photo!

  2. How clever to place the dragon on the fan! Great page, Laura!

  3. Wow! Great page Laura. Looks so authentically Asian. Love the dragon on the fan!

  4. Beautiful creation Laura!!! I love how the real life fan has been repeated with your stencil fan...with a dragon even. Gorgeous!

  5. very lovely dragon, thanks for sharing -con