Thursday, August 15, 2013

Woodware and Dreamweaver Blog Hop--Christmas in August!

Welcome to the annual Dreamweaver and Woodware Christmas in August extravaganza week! Monday through Saturday we will be knocking your Christmas stockings off with fun and inspirational ideas for the upcoming holidays. All that you need to do is hop back and forth across the "pond" on each day, oohing and aaahhhing as you go, and leaving us plenty of holiday love. In return, you'll be entered to randomly win one prize package for a UK commenter, and a second prize package for a US commenter, featuring products distributed in the UK by Woodware...including Dreamweaver and Stampendous!

Prize includes four stencils, one die, and two stamps, selection may vary.

Here is my creation today:
I used:
Green Card Stock
Manual Die Cut Machine
Sanding Block
Cotton Swabs 
A Very Quick Tutorial (because I can't help myself)
1)  Cut the metal to just a little larger than your stencils--red for the background, green for the other two.
 2)  Run all three through the die cut machine with your mats and the Dreamweaver Rubber Mat (it pushes the metal into the stencil).  Place the background stencil face down with the red face down on top and the rubber mat over that.  That is embossing.  The other two stencils go face up with the green over them face (green side) up and the rubber mat over the top of that.  This is debossing.  Do not remove the stencils from the metal.
 3)  For the saying and the mistletoe, use the fine tip of the teflon tool to push the image in a little bit more.  You will be running it around the edge of the stencil.  You can "color" in the inside as well if you like.  I did.
4)  With the stencil still in place, sand both of the green metal parts.  The green should come completely off the raised parts.

 7)  Remove the stencil from the red metal and gently sand off some of the color.
 8)  Place a little of the Color Solutions Cleaner on the cotton swab and remove the green color from the inside of the berries and the bow.

 9)  Use the cotton swabs to add the Winter Red Color Solutions in the bow.

 10)  Sand off any excess color.
11)  Remove the mistletoe and saying from the stencils and place on Double Sided Mounting Paper.
12)  Use the flat end of the Teflon tool to burnish the metal down to the mounting paper.  You do not need to burnish everything, just the flat parts around the image.
 13)  Squeeze the Liquid Pearls into the berry sections and let dry.

14)  Place mounting paper under the background metal.
15)  Trim around the edges of all pieces and assemble.

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  1. A beautiful card (and great tutorial) highlighting gorgeous stencils.

  2. Thank you for the photographs, nice idea to de-boss so that the lettering keeps their colour.

  3. Great tutorial Laura and pretty card!

  4. Ooooh, very cool, Laura! I think this could be a great tutorial on PCP! Love how you cleaned the green out of the bow and berries, and added red and Liquid Pearls. I bet this is awesome in person. Must have been something in the air for far three of us posted cards with metalwork!

  5. Absolutely love this one!! Your explanation was spot on and so easy to understand. Can't wait to try it out!!

  6. WOW!!!! Absolutely stunning!!!!

  7. I don't know if WOW is enough! This turned out fabulous Laura! Great tutorial too!

  8. Gorgeous - and thanks for the tutorial :)

  9. GORGEOUS...I've done a bit of this kind of work, and I have to tell you that yours is PERFECT!
    Paper Hugs,

  10. Such a gorgeous card! Love how the metal sheets look when used with stencils!

  11. This card is beautiful! I never thought to use my stencils like this!