Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday Dream Schemes--Sketch Challenge

Here is this week's challenge sketch. I don't know why, but when I first saw it, I thought of the Honeycomb Stencil LJ 806. I just couldn't get that thought out of my mind, no matter how much I tried. I just couldn't figure out how I wanted to execute it. Then, I went to CHA and met a wonderful Australian lady named Julie Makela. She showed us a technique with Stampee Crafts foil that was PERFECT.

First, you emboss the image, either traditionally or with a machine. (I chose traditionally).

Then, you use pigment ink to stencil the image. (I used Adirondack in two colors of yellow).

While the ink is still wet, pour the powdered glue on it, and heat. It can't overheat, nor does it matter if it is a little undercooked at this point, so there is no pressure.

You then place the foil over the top of the image, and send it through a thermal laminator. I used the transparent color Cracked Ice and just purchased the laminator at Target for under $30.

Finally, you let the image cool a little and then pull the foil off quickly, in one fell swoop. (Think Bandaid).

This was REALLY easy, and just look at the beautiful results. Even more stunning in person, this honeycomb sparkles in holographic colors when hit by the sun.
So, then I began to think about the details. Bees were an obvious choice. I looked for the extra bees that I used on the card that I had published. (Stampers' Sampler Dec/Jan 2010-2011--shameless plug!). Not finding them (of course), I decided to recreate them. This is how I did it:
I conditioned and rolled out black polymer clay.
I used bee stamp (by the now defunct Cornish Heritage Farms), to press the design into the clay.
I cut around the bee with a craft knife.
I rubbed a little Moonstone Metallic FX onto the wings with my finger.
Then, I baked the bees according to the polymer clay instructions.
After the clay cooled, I glued yellow flock into the stripes using Art Institute Glue and added Purple Stickles to the eyes.
Then, it was time for assembly. I used My Mind's Eye paper, dark teal cardstock, and a stamp by Cornish Heritage Farms. I attached the bees with Glue Dots.
I was very happy with this card, which I promptly gave to my aunt--whose husband keeps bees!


  1. WOW, this card is just amazing... now only because of it's look, but also because of the techniques you used in it's creation! Thanks for the instructions. I'm out-of-breath just reading them!

  2. Very clever, Laura, right down to the "B-day" sentiment. But the bees are just too cute!

  3. Oh Laura....this is fabulous!!! What a darling idea!!! Love, love, love it!!! I hope you have a fabulous day!

  4. The hexagon background is BEE-utiful!

  5. What a great idea. You are definitely the bee-st at thinking outside the box. Very creative!!

  6. Welcome back Laura! And what a lovely creation this much wonderful detail, just like many of your other cards too. I love it!!!