Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I just got back from CHA where I saw ideas galore, met up with Lynell from Dreamweaver, and got my picture in the booth with some of my cards. It was SO exciting, but more on that in a future post.

I right now, I want to share the thing I wanted to post just before I left. I entered the Bo Bunny Design Team Challenge, and one of the entries has a story. I made this mini album of a trip to the zoo with my friends and their children. I used the seriously cute Peacock Lane line and the some really adorable pictures of Jessie. I knew I wanted to enter it in the challenge, but I also figured that it would be a good gift for my friends. I worked and worked on it until I had it just right--and I also fell in love with it. I asked Steve if he thought that I really HAD to give it away. He said probably not, but I know I can't keep it. I never made it for myself, and Jessie isn't my child, so, in the words of the Bo Bunny slogan, I guess it will be "a gift of love".


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  2. Speaking as another mom who benefits from your scrapbooking talents (when you need "kid" pictures...) Good Decision! ;) She is so lucky--the project turned out awesome!