Thursday, November 12, 2015

Canvas Corp Blog Hop


Of course, with a blog hop, there are PRIZES!  Just comment on the blogs for your chance to win.
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Australian fans can comment for a chance to win a Stampendous Stamp, a Dreamweaver Stencil and a surprise Stampendous goodie.

Here is my project:


Momento ReInkers in Sweet Plum, Summer Sky, Lilac Posies, Danube Blue, Rose Bud, Lulu Lavender and London Fog
Old Whipped Topping Container
Baking Soda
Small Pieces of Cardboard to fit into the bag
Non Stick Craft Sheet
Stencil Brush
Fabric Paint in White, Yellow and Green
Paper Towels
Regular Brush
Shrink Plastic
Stazon Black Ink
Manual Die Cut Machine
Hole Punch
Prismacolor Pencils in White and Yellow
Heat Gun
Uniball Signo Broad White Pen
Assorted Beads


1)  Rinse the bag under very hot water, using a little baking soda like soap-scrubbing it in and rinsing it out. 

2)  While it is still wet, place the bag into the whipped topping container.

3)  Squeeze the Momento ReInkers directly onto the bag, moving it around occasionally to find blank areas to color.

4)  Cover the bag with a little salt.

 5)  Fill the container with water until it covers the bag.

 6)  Cover the container and shake to agitate the dye.

 7)  Pour out the dye and rinse under cold water until the water runs clear.  Then, let the bag dry or throw in the dryer.

 8)  Place cardboard in the bag to create a flat surface.  Then, tape the stencil onto the bag.

 9)  Squeeze white fabric paint onto the craft sheet and tap stencil brush into it.

 10)  Tap the brush onto paper towel to remove the excess paint.

 11)  Rub the brush over the top of the stencil.  Repeat these last two steps until the entire stencil has been painted.

12)  Remove the stencil and let the paint dry.

 13)  Use the regular brush to paint over the stencilled image.  Then, let dry completely.

14)  Sand the shrink plastic.
15)  Stamp the shrink plastic with the daisy image and Stazon Ink.
16)  Run the stamped image through the die cut machine with the daisy die.
17)  Use the Prismacolors to color the image.
18)  Punch a hole in the image.
19)  Use your heat gun to shrink the daisy.  It will get all wrinkly, but just keep heating, and it will straighten out.

20)  Color the top of the daisy petals with the white pen.
21)  Use the needle and thread to sew on the beads and the daisy charms you created!

I hope you enjoyed this project.  Please remember to leave a comment on all the blogs for your chance to win!


  1. Very pretty daisies!Thank you for tutorial!

  2. Great bag.

    craftymom205 at yahoo dot com

  3. Great! Love the tie die effect.

  4. Tie dye and daisies. .I love this

  5. This has got to be my favorite project from this hop. You remind me of my old tye die days and love the use of shrink plastic!

  6. the bag is beautiful. I love the mix of colors.
    This will be good for spring when the daisies start coming out - or as a reminder of spring when the snow is on the ground this winter.
    thanks for the detailed directions.

  7. I love the steps that you used to create your tote, and especially those shrink charms and beads!

  8. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Best in show award goes to..............LAURA!!! LOVE this awesome bag!! Everything is coming nup daisies with this beauty!! Love how you dyed the bag and the daisies are darling!!! TFS!

  9. Your bag is amazing! And, how you dyed it with the reinkers - brilliant! Love the fun charms! Your bag is just gorgeous!

  10. Awesome work on your canvas
    bag! Love the shrink flowers as
    well as the pretty stenciling.
    Carla from Utah

  11. Oh Laura, this is fantastic! Gorgeous colors and love that reinforced stenciling and the daisy charms. Wonderful project, thank you for sharing this week!

  12. This is so cool! I love the tie die look you got on your bag and the shrink plastic charms are a perfect compliment. Viki in Kansas

  13. Super cool bag, love the daisies!!!

  14. Super cool bag, love the daisies!!!

  15. Oh wow, just LOVE your bag - it's so funky, fun & fabulous! Thank you so much for the step by step.

  16. Daisies are always a favourite. Cute bag.
    Regards from Down Under

  17. Thanks so much for this awesome tutorial!

  18. Beautiful--the daisies really pop off this wonderful background of color.
    Sue in Ohio

  19. Thanks for sharing your steps to creating this great tote bag! Those shrink charms using the Stampendous daisy image are so sweet!

  20. I love the dyed background, the daisy's and the beading. What an awesome job!

  21. What a cute bag! That was an awesome tutorial. Well done.

  22. Gorgeous! Love thise flowers a lot!

  23. Just delightful! Fun colors!!

  24. Haven't tie died in ages! Thanks for the great tutorial and fun idea.

  25. Oh my gosh, this is amazing! So detailed, I love the plastic flowers and beads, wow! And the dying of the fabric looks awesome, love it! Thanks for sharing.

    Katie B. (USA)

  26. WoW, those colors make the white POP!! FL

  27. BEAUTIFUL!!!
    LOVE the colours and daisies, LOVE the beads & daisy charms too!!!

  28. So many great ideas on these bags. I love this one. The colors are awesome, and the daisy charms. Such a great touch. Thank you for the tutorial.

  29. Such a pretty bag! Interesting technique for the background colors, love the beadwork details