Thursday, June 25, 2015

Flowers and Fairies Week

This week, the Stampendous Theme is "Flowers and Fairies".  I used one of my favorite stencils, Tall Poppies LL3023.  I did receive this stencil for free, along with many others, while I worked on the Dreamweaver Design team.  However, even if I hadn't, I would have likely purchased this one. 
     For today's post, I used the Double Glitter Technique.  First, I soaped the back of the stencil with Handmade Hawaiian Soap.  Then, I gently brushed off the excess soap pieces with a Large Stencil Brush.  The soap acts as a release agent so that you can get the stencil off later. I removed the covering from one side of the Double Sided Mounting Paper and placed the stencil on it, soap side down.  I carefully laid the glitter on the stencil next to the areas I wanted it to fill and carefully pushed it in.  For the black in the center of the poppy, I used the edge of my craft knife to lay it in the area. I rubbed all the colored glitter in with my fingers and then brushed off the excess glitter.  I laid the project stencil side down on a flat surface and carefully removed the paper from the stencil.  Then, I poured White Pearl Glitter over the top of the whole project and brushed off the excess.  The orange border and "distressing" was created by layering the flower project over a slightly larger piece of mounting paper and covering that edge with Tiger Lily Pearl Glitter.  Because the Tiger Lily was a finer glitter than the white, it crept into some of the empty spaces on the original mounting paper.  The glitter colors I used were:  Red Micro Glitter, Black Micro Glitter, Green Micro Glitter, Lime Micro GlitterEmerald Pearl Glitter, Tiger Lily Pearl Glitter and White Pearl Glitter.  Then, I assembled the card and added some cord and beads.
     I hope you liked my card today.  Leave a comment if you have a minute. Please go check out the posts from the rest of the group today, too: