Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Double, um, Triple, um Quadruple Glitter

Welcome to the Art Glitter/Dreamweaver Stencil Cross promotion month. We have paired up with this wonderful company to show you how our glitter can be used with these beautiful and detailed stencils. All of our designers will be using the Double Glitter Technique! Make sure and check out Dreamweaver Designers (including me) every Thursday! You can find all their designers at http://dreamweaverstencils.blogspot.com/
Make sure and play along all month with this fun challenge. Make sure and LINK to the Dreamweaver site to be eligible for 1 of 4 prize packages featuring stencils and glitter! You may even get your creation featured on Art Glitters' Blog!
I hope everyone will play along with this fun challenge. If you don't know how to do the Double Glitter Technique please head over to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Foyo09lKpw4 to see Lynell Harlow demonstrate.

Here is my post for Art Glitter.  I am so excited by it, because through trial and error (mostly on the Dragonfly, which is on the Art Glitter blog), I developed a twist on the featured technique of the month--Double Glitter.  You can find the basic technique HERE. I used glitter that I would have never Double Glittered with before--Dazzlers.  I layered it with other glitters to create a bright and flashy result.  Here is another picture of the card, with different lighting, so you can hopefully see how it shimmers in the sun.

I first soaped up the back. Then, I placed the soaped side down on the Double Sided Adhesive Paper.  For the background, I used LJ 838 Waves Stencil.  I filled it with D38 Blue Eyes Dazzlers, concentrating on the wide open areas, and pushed it down very well.  Then, I brushed it hard with my large stencil brush.  This broke off some of the excess from those big flakes.  These flakes leave lots of untouched adhesive.  I covered the whole thing with Art Institute Ultrafine Transparent 85 Crystal and filled in many of the gaps.  After removing the stencil, I covered the now exposed adhesive with Ultrafine Opaque 24 Royal Wink and then a little Microfine Opaque 504 Blue Diadem
For the fish, I used stencil LG 613 Koi.  The fish were created using D54 Roman Coin Dazzlers and D51 October Dazzlers. I tried to keep the individual colors in their own wells and away from the tips of the fins to the best of my ability, but some crossover was fine. Both colors are Hexi Dazzlers, which means a lot of bare space around them.  It looked like dots at this stage.  I needed to fill in the blank spaces, so I used a color that appears in both of the multicolored Dazzlers.  I used one of my absolute favorites--Ultrafine Opaque 62 Copper Canyon (itself a blended color).  Then, I placed Microfine Opaque 501 Monarch on top of the stencil and pushed it into the wells.  This created a sharper edge than I would normally have had with the Ultrafine, and added a little extra depth of color to the fish.  You can see the look most distinctly in the tail of this fish.  Finally, I used Ultrafine Transparent 85 Crystal on the exposed areas.  The eyes are sequins from Dazzlers D15 Sea Nymph and were glued on with Art Glitter Designer Dries Clear.
This twist on the technique was so much fun!  I would love you to give it a try.  The great news?  For the month of June Art Glitter is selling all 1 oz jars of glitter for $5.98 regular price $7.32! This INCLUDES Dazzlers!  The 1 oz size includes a lot of glitter.  Hope even if you don't play along with the challenge you will take advantage of the great price of glitter in June! http://artglitter.com/


  1. OOPS I forgot to include the info on the phrase. It is stencil LS 1004 You & Me. I used the Microfine Blue Diadem and Crystal Ultrafine Glitter.

  2. Those coy are amazing!!!! P.S. Please come over so I can see how much glitter is on your face after QUADRUPLE layers...

  3. Love the technique! The fish looks like it has real scales!


  5. I think we can call you the Dreamweaver Dazzle Dame!