Thursday, October 11, 2012

More Festively Fall Fun!

If you follow my blog, you had to know that metals would be showing up again soon!  For my festively fall project this week, I have made a very simple card (that I will be teaching this month at Altered Art Addicts in Jackson, MI). 

Manual Die Cut Machine (I used the Cuttlebug)
Stamping Details Embossing Mat
Dreamweaver Stencils Falling Leaves LL 3004
Teal Mercart Metal
Dreamweaver Color Solutions Cleaner
Dreamweaver Color Solutions Lemoncello
Dreamweaver Color Solutions Pumpkin
Dreamweaver Color Solutions Aspen Leaf
Dreamweaver Color Solutions Paprika Red
Dreamweaver Color Solutions Pine Bough
Dreamweaver Color Solutions Aquarius
Precision Q Tips (I got them at Target)
Scrapper's Floss

1)  Run the stencil through the die cut machine with the metal and embossing mat.  For the Cuttlebug, I used the A Plate, the stencil (face down), the metal (teal side down), the embossing mat, and two B Plates.
2)  Sand the embossed metal.  This defines the embossing by removing the teal color from the edges.
3)  Using the precision Q Tips and the thinner, strip off the extra teal color from inside the leaves.  Press down a little in the center to make a sort of well for the color.
4)  Apply Color Solutions Ink to the leaves to add color.  Squeeze the color onto the Q Tip and tap into place.  The color will spread a little, so try to keep it towards the center of those leaves, in the wells you have created.
5)  If the color runs off of the edge, you can correct it a little by first removing the extra color with a little thinner.  Then, gently tap just a little of the Aquarius Color Solutions over the now silver area. 
6)  Sand a little more to define the edges.
7)  Assemble card.

So, that was my easy, festively fall card.  Festively fall is the Dreamweaver Theme of the Month.  Take a chance and make a card of your own.  Then, take a picture and email it to  You could win the stencil of your choice!  Check out the other team member blogs for inspiration.  They are listed on the left.  Come join us and be festive this fall!


  1. The leaves are gorgeous! Their colors are perfect against the teal background. As always, your metal work is outstanding.

  2. You so rock working with metal1 I love the colors, very stunning.

  3. Love the weathered look of the background contrasting against the vibrant fall leaves. Just gorgeous!

  4. Every Festively Fall creation I have seen today is stunning! Just beautiful Laura!!! I love the color of metal you have chosen to go behind those Pam said VIBRANT!

  5. Great color combo Laura! I would not have thought to use that color metal, but it really works with your beautiful leaves!

  6. I love the colors on this card! They look great on that metal!