Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas, It's a Wrap Theme

Merry Christmas!  This is the last Christmas post of the year, so I hope you enjoy.  I used paste and markers on this one.

GX225 Fine Crystal Glitter
MPW811 White Mixed Media Paper
DWLG633 Chickadees Stencil
DWDMBP Matte Black Embossing Paste
DWDEP Regular Paste
DWDPK Palette Knife
DWLM2010 Paste Spreader
Cardstock by Bazzill Basics Paper®
Chameleon™ Markers
Ribbon by May Arts
Zip Dry™ Paper Glue by Beacon Adhesives™
Scotch® Removable Tape by 3M®
Scotch® 1/2" Adhesive Tape  by 3M®
Sharp Scissors


  1. Cut the card stock to 8 1/2" by 6 1/4"and create a fold on the side.
  2. Cut red paper to 4 1/4" by 6 1/4" and adhere to the front of the card.
  3. Use removable tape to adhere the Chickadees Stencil face up on top of a piece of lighter blue card stock.  Make sure to put the initial strip of tape all the way across the top of the stencil, creating a hinge.
  4. Use the palette knife to place a strip of Regular Embossing Paste across the bottom edge of the paste spreader.  Make sure you have a long enough strip of paste to cover the entirety of the Chickadees and Holly image from side to side.
  5. Place the bottom edge of the paste spreader directly on the top edge of the stencil with the paste facing you.
  6. Pull the paste spreader towards you across the stencil.  (Think of a squeegee).  The embossing paste should completely fill all the wells in the stencil.
  7. Use the palette knife to remove the excess paste from the spreader and place back in the container.
  8. Carefully remove the tape from the sides and bottom of the stencil, leaving the hinge on top.
  9. Lift the stencil from a bottom corner, like a door and then remove it entirely from the area.
  10. Clean and thoroughly dry the Chickadees Stencil.
  11. Repeat steps 3-9, but use the mixed media paper and Black Matte Embossing Paste.  Focus only on the Chickadees in the image, so you can cut the paper smaller, use less paste, and start the "pull" just above the birds.
  12. After the paste has completely dried, use the sharp scissors to cut out the black pasted Chickadees.
  13. Use the Chameleon Pens in Hot Cocoa to color in the branches.  Color directly on the paste.
  14. Use the Chameleon Pens in Crimson Red to color the berries directly on the paste.
  15. Use the Chameleon Pens in Grass Green to color the leaves directly on the paste, BUT only color about 2 or 3 at a time and pour Crystal Glitter on them immediately while the ink is still wet.
  16. Trim the light blue card stock close to the image.
  17. Create a thin black card stock mat and adhere the Chickadees image to it.
  18. Cut darker blue paper to 4" x 6" and adhere the bird image to it, leaving room for the ribbon.
  19. Tie the ribbon around the darker blue card stock.
  20. Adhere the darker blue card stock to the background.
  21. Use wet glue to adhere the cut out black chickadees directly to the white pasted image of the birds on the card.
Thanks for stopping by, and Merry Christmas.  I would love the present of a comment or two.  Also, check out the rest of the players today:


  1. That is so pretty! I love the little birdies.

  2. Just beautiful! Love the color combinations and the use of markers for different colors on the stenciled image. Thank you for posting this week, have a wonderful Christmas.

  3. Laura , this is beautifully done...hoping you had a wonderful Christmas.